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10 Reasons to Hire a Live Band for Your Big Day

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Set the tone for an unforgettable wedding reception with live music.

Photography by: La Vie Photography

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There are several things that make a wedding truly unforgettable, and a dance floor full of guests cutting loose into the wee hours of the morning is definitely one of them. Music is of top importance when it comes to setting the scene for your reception. From ceremony to cocktail hour, first dance to the final song, music moves the evening along and adds an elevated level of ambience to those special moments. A professional live band, made up of truly talented musicians, can navigate all of that and more. Here are just a few reasons why a live band could be the perfect fit for your wedding day:

1. It's unique – The artistry and talent world-class musicians bring to their performance is priceless, and becoming increasingly rare. Live solos on guitar, sax, keyboards, bass and drums are not something you or your guests see or hear everyday.

2. Creative flexibility – In real time, live bands can extend, shorten, re-arrange, vamp, transpose pitch, modify tempo and alter lyrics of songs to fit requests and respond to “spur of the moment” dance situations. Sometimes these tools can literally save the day.

Photography by: David Bristol Photography

3. Memorability – A phenomenal, live performance will be talked about for years to come, especially when they keep an entire audience rolling for hours.

4. Energy, excitement, audio fidelity - People rarely get to experience the raw energy and excitement of a sizzling, live performance up close and personal, and when they do, they hit the dance floor with passion. 

5. Entertainment value – When the band is into it, the audience is into it. A live band also gives guests something to watch - whether they plan on hitting the dance floor, or not. 

6. Cost – A reputable live band will run $3000-$5000, but that covers the cost of 5-6 talented musicians. 

7. Repertoire – The right wedding band will have an expansive playlist spanning all genres classic to current, shattering the misconception that a live band is limited in what they can play. Some will also learn special requests at no extra charge. A comparison of bands' songlists should always be made.

Photography by: Hanna Stevens

8. Emcee included – A common myth says you have to hire a separate DJ or emcee to make necessary announcements during the evening. Not true with the right band, where this service is a natural part of their work. Classy, polite, articulate announcements keep the event flowing and organized.

Photography by: Azurra Photography

9. Sound control – By checking in directly with clients multiple times throughout the night, the band can tailor sound level to their wishes.

10. Complete package – If there are songs you want to hear that the band doesn’t currently cover, you can still hear them during break mixes. You can also request your own custom mixes for pre-recorded music on band breaks. 

Videography by: Aaron Horton Productions

Eight unexpected surprises in customer service from The Michael Benson Band (MBB):

1. Sound level monitoring: MBB's real-time check-ins with couples over the course of the evening ensures satisfaction with volume level and the musical styles heard.

2. Live auditions: MBB makes it easy to audition us at live events with pre-clearance from our clients who have auditioned under similar circumstances.

3. Videographer sound feed: MBB says YES to videographers asking to tap into our P.A. sound for their video shoots! Offering them live sound connections from our mixing board enhances their productions with high-quality feed for speeches, toasts and the live performance.

4. Invitations to planning sessions: MBB offers a no-charge, ceremony music planning session with a grand piano in the comfort of Michael's living room, establishing a warm, personal connection. It’s a great chance to preview the exact style and flow wanted for ceremony music.

Photography by: Hanna Stevens

5. Band attire as you wish: Couples get to choose the band attire – 5 different options from formal to less, to help match the style of their event.

6. Whatever you need, whatever it takes: Custom music arrangements for bridal party intros, first-dance songs specially learned, incidental back-up for toasts including sound track clips, mashups, tempo matching for dances, and songs shortened or lengthened as needed.

7. In constant touch: Immediate responses from the first inquiry through the end of the event via text, voice and e-mail ensures satisfaction and peace-of-mind.

8. Help with speeches and toasts: MBB provides the mic for toasts. For novice microphone users, Michael gives quick, simple instruction on the best use of our mic, to ensure everyone hears every word.  

Photography by: Katie Parra Photography


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