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5 Fresh Ideas to Make Your Ceremony Special

Laura Cross

The wedding ceremony is time to honor your committment to eachother and pay homage to your heritage. Adding personalization and putting your own spin on time honored traditions can be the perfect way to make your wedding standout. From practical to extraordinary, here are 5 ceremony ideas that AREN'T cookie cutter.


If you're planning an outdoor ceremony, avoid having your guests bake in the sun (or swim in the rain) by offering them wedding parasols or umbrellas. Not only will they keep your peeps cool and dry, but parasols can also provide the perfect impact statement when choosing a color or design that compliments your decor. Your guests will appreciate the functionality, and better yet - it can double up as a wedding favor.

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All eyes will be on you and your soon-to-be spouse during the ceremony. Creating a unique backdrop for this special moment will provide you with amazing photos and make the space that much more memorable. Don't be afraid to set the scene with a big statement at the altar with oversized florals, candles en mas, laser cut backdrops or draped fabric to will make your guests' jaws drop.

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When determining the who, how and when your bridal party will walk down the aisle, keep one thing in mind - there are no rules. You don't have to pair the men up with the women, nor do you have to have anyone walk down the aisle in pairs - and the same for you and your fiance. Sure, that moment when the groom first sees his bride for the first time standing at the end of the aisle is charming. However, walking down the aisle hand in hand as a couple during your processional can be just as sweet ... and a great way to calm your nerves. The ceremony is a continued celebration of an already formed partnership - don't be afraid to start your own traditions.

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Don't make your guests wait until cocktail arrives before they are treated to a cold refreshing beverage - especially if it is hot outside. Instead, kick off your wedding the right way by offering your guests a pre-ceremony drinks station to flock to for some spa water, lemonade, champagne or even specialty cocktails. 

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While a white wooden folding chair is a great seating option, if you're looking to create a more relaxed and intimate environment, think beyond the traditional and consider mixing individual chairs with lounge furniture. Doing a combination of pews, sofas, chairs and love seats is a fun and unique way to seat guests and make them feel comfortable.

Photo by Revelry Event Designers


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