Bachelorette Party Must: Pole and Burlesque Parties with Pole Fitness Seattle

A perfect girls' night (or day) out with uninhibited fun and everlasting memories.

Summer may be winding down, but wedding season is still in full swing!  Though planning the big day can be difficult, planning the bachelorette party has its own challenges. Whether you're the maid-of-honor, sister, cousin, best friend, or the bride herself, setting a place and time and choosing what to do can be overwhelming. One recent suggestion that always seems to be a hit? A pole or burlesque party! It can be done any time of the year, from the hot summer months currently hitting Seattle, to the classic drizzly rain and cold weather come fall and winter. The flexible daily schedule is accomodating for the range of people in your party and there’s a bit of something for everyone. At Pole Fitness Seattle, your girls' night out is sure to be an adventure to remember.


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Pole and burlesque classes are an active way for you and your girls to get together and have fun in a comfortable environment, plus, it's a great way to break the ice for girls who may not know everyone in the party. The structure of the party can be catered to your needs, whether that be a quick basic rundown on pole or spending more time learning a whole routine - maybe a lesson or two in burlesque with fun outfits and props from the costume chest? Either way, you will walk away with an inventory of moves to take with you and show off!  Start your day with an invigorating morning workout or schedule a class in the evening and then take those moves to the dance floor. 

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Even if you aren't planning a bachelorette party right now, both pole and burlesque are perfect for other special occasions like birthday parties or a much-needed ladies' night out. Feel free to bring anyone along; mom, aunt, or hey, even your grandma! Check out the video below or visit Pole Fitness Seattle for more details on party packages and bundles.

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From Pole Fitness Seattle:

“We provide a studio environment where everyone can learn and experience Pole, Aerial Dance, and Burlesque. We strive to make our classes accessible to everyone. Students feel safe within our space to explore, discover and develop body awareness and a deeper sense of self through our diverse class offerings. Serving Seattle since 2013 our dance classes focus on strength, balance and self. Our classes include choreography, spins, inversions, body conditioning, burlesque, flexibility and safe technique”