Pre-Bottled Custom Cocktails

City Catering’s bottled cocktails can be custom mixed to your specifications, and ready to drink on demand
From: Spring/Summer 2013 edition

Banish the bar line at your reception with a bucket or tray of colorful bottled cocktails from City Catering, which designs, makes, carbonates or kegs (if you so desire), a custom cocktail based on your tastes. About 70 to 80 percent of adult guests flock to the bar immediately after the ceremony, says Katy Carroll, City Catering’s craft-bar program manager. “Every caterer in town struggles with how to serve guests that first drink quickly, and we’ve tried it all: punch bowls, tray passed beverages, large-format recipes, pre-iced glasses.” What works best, she says, are fresh-juice-based cocktails, made with top-shelf liquor and bottled 24–48 hours prior to the reception, where they are chilled and ready for a straw the minute your guests are ready to party. Cocktails are available in 4- and 6.5-ounce bottles, as well as flasks, and cost around $8 each, which is about the price of a mixed cocktail, including glassware rental.