Best of 2014: Pedersen's Rentals + Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Wedding cake with edible sugar flowers by Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Best Wedding Cake

Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Known for: Modern wedding cakes made with clean lines, flawless finishes, unique flavors and handcrafted sugar flowers.

Words of Wisdom: "Choose a baker or pastry chef whose aesthetic you love," says owner and pastry chef Carla Reich. "If you've looked through a few cake-related websites, and there is a baker with a particular artistic direction that really stands out to you, then you're on to something."


Best Rentals

Pedersen's Rentals

Known for: High-end party rentals that follow and set industry trends, regularly raising the bar in style and creativity. 

Words of Wisdom: "When choosing your wedding rental company, you have to go with your gut feeling, just like you did with all your other vendors," says sales manager Julie Ralph. "Sometimes paying a little more for piece of mind is a good thing. Most couples don't expect the rentals to be so expensive, and they do add up, so budget that into your wedding costs and don't think of them as an afterthought."

Inset Photo: Pedersen's Rentals