Best of 2015: Wave Link Music & Nash Fung

Magician Nash Fung

DJ for Reception & Reception Entertainment

DJ for Reception

Wave Link Music

Signature appeal: Fun, experienced and friendly DJs who provide a customizable variety of music for receptions ranging from formal fetes to all-night dance parties

Musical legacy: “He always aimed to ‘wow’ the client,” says Toshi Lee Dale, whose husband, Brian, passed away unexpectedly last year (see tribute in editor’s note, page 30), and who is now leading the Wave Link team. “He loved seeing couples’ faces when they entered the room for the first time—the apparent joy that meant their dream had been brought to life.”


Reception Entertainment

Magician Nash Fung

Signature appeal: Providing captivating entertainment—such as roving magic tricks, mind reading—for couples looking to treat their guests to a unique reception experience

Words of wisdom: “Don’t be afraid to do something that is somewhat unconventional if it fits your personality,” says Fung. “Magic is a great icebreaker and conversation starter that caters to all ages.”