Editor's Picks: Six Strawberries + Seattle Slow Motion Company

Most Refreshing Reception Treat

Six Strawberries

(photo above)

Owned and operated by Ballardites Will Lemke and Vanessa Resler since 2012, Six Strawberries is the Seattle Department of Transportation's first permitted bicycle food truck. The couple pedals around the city to special events, like weddings, peddling their dairy-free, practically vegan (one flavor, strawberry rhubarb pie, has honey) ice pops. Our favorites are the fruit flavors: strawberry, blueberry lemonade and Rainier cherry, all made with local ingredients whenever possible. With enough lead time they're able to custom-create flavors and can customize their labels for a perfect post-ceremony treat. $3/pop (min. 50), $2.50/pop (100 or more), $100/hr for cart rental and $25 for ice pop drop-off without cart. 


Coolest Wedding Video Trend

Seattle Slow Motion Company


Of all the trends to hit the wedding world in 2014, the slow-motion video is our favorite. (We covered it in our Spring/Summer 2014 issue when we were smitten by the slo-mo video by Seattle internet marketing agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo that went viral on the internet last year.) The videos are undeniably hilarious, both to make and to watch, and the more risks the subject takes, the funnier they become. In 2013 after working with a slow-motion camera for a professional film shoot, cinematographers Brandon and Melissa O'Larey launched Seattle Slow Motion Company, providing the setup for wedding and corporate events. For a bit extra, they'll bring champagne for popping, a fan, bubbles, strobe lights and a fog machine. Other favorite props: streamers, poppers, and lots of confetti. Prices start at $1,700. 

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