Customizable Favors from Theo Chocolate

Monday, March 10 2014

We all know and love Theo Chocolate for their tasty confections and eco-friendly commitment to sustainable practices in their chocolate-making, but did you know that they offer customizable options for wedding favors or a dessert bar? They make customizable Celebration Bars, allowing you to have your own message on labels in colors that will compliment your wedding theme. Milk and dark chocolate are always great picks, but you also can choose from Theo’s unique seasonal flavors, and at $4.25 a bar, your guests will take home a favor they actually will enjoy.

The second option comes with eco-friendly packaging: Individual chocolate confections packaged in two or four-piece boxes made from recycled materials. Choice from their earth-friendly ribbon collection will tie up the pretty packages while allowing your guest to taste more than one flavor.

You can’t go wrong with either pick, just make sure you order enough so you get to enjoy too!