Glamping in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, February 21 2013

Glamping! Yes, it is a real word that according to Wanderlust Hospitality is “a form of camping in which participants thoroughly enjoy comforts like a real bed, real food and style traditionally associated with more luxurious holidays.” Do you love the outdoors, but loathe the idea of pitching a tent and sleeping on the hard ground? Then glamp away.

This idea is spreading across the wedding world like wildfire. Brides are getting in touch with nature by creating a wedding with candlelit ceremonies, beautiful reception tents, bonfires, a dinner under the stars, and of course s’mores. Some couples are even turning this into an overnight experience, providing guests with their own glamped up accommodations.

Photo by Wanderlust Hospitality

Experience the Pacific Northwest as it was meant to be experienced. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Find a location with a spectacular view and watch the sunset as you recite your vows. Visit the Wanderlust site for more inspiration and information. If a full blown glamping reception isn’t for you, consider it for a weekend getaway with your new hubby or even a honeymoon completely immersed in the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest.