Brooch Bouquet: A DIY Project

Wednesday, August 29 2012

With the rising presence of brooches on the runway this fall season, I thought I would give the DIY bride a fun way to incorporate this trend. Brooch bouquets can be a beautiful alternative to the traditional flower bouquet... when they are done right.

In addition to being distinctively fun and sparkly, there are enjoyable features of going with a brooch bouquet. By using jewelry gifted by family (yours and his), you can carry a bit of them with you down the aisle; I have seen everything from grandparents' wedding bands to family heirlooms incorporated tastefully. Following the wedding, the bouquet can be carefully disassembled and provide meaningful keepsakes or itself could become a family heirloom to be passed down.

This can become quite the project, but the beauty is that these can be made well in advance of the big day. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when planning and creating your bouquet:

Planning- Choose one color family to work with to give the bouquet a more polished look. It is a good idea to state these preferences to your family when asking for contributions. Also, consider at this time if you want to incorporate any fresh flowers to get a better idea of how many pieces you will actually need.

Sourcing- As mentioned above, you can ask family and friends to donate jewelry. Be aware that you need 40-85 pieces (depending on size preference and if fresh flowers are incorporated) so ask away. Another manner to get a hold of some jewelry is to visit your local thrift, vintage, or craft stores. A few places to check out are Rhinestone Rosie’s on Queen Anne, Pretty Parlor on Capitol Hill, DivaDollz in Pioneer Square, and of course any Goodwill or Value Village.

Selecting- It’s very important to pick jewelry of diverse motifs and sizes to provide depth and dimension to your bouquet.  

Finishing- Popular and pretty items to wrap the "stalks" in are ribbon, beading, and lace.

Images kindly provided by and TheRitzyRose