Pinyadayada: Custom Made Piñatas

Monday, February 25 2013
Nothing says party like a pinyada

I was deep into Etsy the other day and stumbled upon one of the coolest local shops I've seen in a while: Pinayadaya. For the ultimate personal touch to your shower or wedding (and for an amazingly cathartic good time), creative genius Sara Ewalt will craft a piñata to your specifications out of tissue and glue, ready for filling and bashing.

My personal fave's are the ampersand:


and the unicorn. Who doesn't love unicorns?


Ewalts's piñatas start at $40 (a mere pittance for the fun they provide). If this is right up your alley, send me your piñata shower/wedding pics (pre-bashing, of course) and I'll pop them up on the blog.