Wedding Talk with the Bachelorette's Desiree Hartsock

Monday, October 21 2013

The Seattle Bride team was thrilled by the appearance of the most recent Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock and her fiance Chris Siegfried at Urban Unveiled on October 9. In a stunning red Luly Yang gown no less. No stranger to the bridal world, this nearly-wed is a bridal style consultant, bridal gown designer and soon-to-be bridal jewelry designer. We sat down with Hartsock to chat about her up-coming nuptial plans including what she won't compromise on and how she's getting in shape for her big day.

Seattle Bride: Are you getting married in Seattle? If so, where?
Desiree Hartsock: We haven't decided yet on the location but it will definitely be either California or the Pacific Northwest.

SB: How far along the planning process are you?
DH: We are still in the early stages of planning but have discussed what we both like, so planning will be easy once we first figure out a date.

SB: What type of gowns do you find yourself attracted to?
DH: I am most attracted to gowns that have an unexpected detail or interesting back. My design style is more vintage-inspired so I am drawn to different beading, lace or detailed style lines.

SB: Any particular type of wedding style that you're into? Urban? Rustic? Romantic? What trends are you responding to? We see a ton of mason jars/burlap/shabby chic still and also tons of chevron and nautical…
DH: Our wedding style is a combination of the DIY look in the sense of personal touches with an added vintage, romantic feel. The trends I enjoy most are the creative ways traditional items such as cardholders, frames, programs and favors are being re-invented and catered toward the couple’s personalities.

SB: What has surprised you about the planning process?
DH: Since I have worked in the bridal industry nothing about the planning has surprised me except for the excitement to see it all come together. I always saw extremely happy, excited brides but didn't understand the joy of planning your wedding until now. Also, I am working on a bridal jewelry line collaboration that should launch by the end of the year and my bridal blog is .

AB: If you had to pick one thing about your wedding that you absolutely will not compromise on (the dress, the food, the venue), what would it be?
DH: I won't compromise on the honeymoon! Our marriage and relationship is the most important part of the wedding to me, so I want to make sure time away on a honeymoon is well spent and not compromised. It is the beginning of our lives together and that needs to start off strong with time alone.

SB: What are you doing get yourself wedding-ready?
DH: I want to feel great at my wedding so I have been working out with a trainer as well as attending The Bar Method classes to get toned and fit for my dress.


Bar Method Photo
Andria Lindquist