Rent the Runway to the Rescue!

When floor-length sequins without the sticker shock are needed STAT!

When Beth Steffen married John Giegel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this summer, she had a very specific look in mind for her bridesmaid dresses: floor-length sequined, please! But her excitement quickly turned into dismay when she realized the financial burden of her vision for her six attendants. “I had never spent more than $150 on a dress for myself, so how could I ask these girls--my best friends--to spend more than $300?” questioned Beth.

But all hope was not lost. Rent the Runway to the rescue!

Rent the Runway (RTR) is an online service that provides designer dress and accessory rentals for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to get your hands on the major labels. While many women turn to RTR for party dresses, special event outfits, or gala gowns, some forget how great a resource it can be on the big day. This was certainly the case of Beth, who was searching RTR for bachelorette party and bridal shower dresses before realizing the wealth of gowns that fit her dream bridesmaid dress vision without the sticker shock.


“The girls loved that the dresses averaged $100 or less, and with no hideous puffy-sleeved dresses hanging out in dark corners of their closets,” says Beth. “I loved that they looked fabulous!”

Even the photographer was psyched about the choice of shimmery, sparkly attire. “I was absolutely in love with these dresses and the way they photographed!” says Jenna Leigh of Photos by Jenna Leigh. “The sequins were a perfect touch of whimsy and each style was so flattering. I have always been smitten with the mix-and-match style of bridesmaid dresses and the complementary tones of these gowns were the perfect mix of cohesion and fun. This look was total bridal perfection!”


Worried about the logistics of getting the dresses delivered and shipped back? Don’t fret! Beth’s bridal party reports ordering and returning were a breeze, and customer service was fantastic.


Put down the piggy bank, and go get the dresses of your dreams!

Note: This post is not sponsored by Rent the Runway. I just like to support making spectacular fashion affordable, easy, and fun for brides and their girls!