Trail-Mix Bars

Belly up to the…trail-mix bar? First it was candy, then decadent doughnuts and now, in oh so Northwest fashion, these snack-happy bars are trailblazing their way into Seattle-area receptions. Inspired by a groom who picked the M&M’s out of some trail mix during a spring consultation, Kirkland wedding planner Erin Lindeman of Lindeman Weddings has started setting up big apothecary jars individually filled with almonds, dried fruit and, of course, locally made chocolate to add a fun touch to natural, outdoorsy celebrations, such as an upcoming summer mountaintop wedding at Crystal Mountain. “The buffets can be as chic or rustic as you like,” she explains. “You could display ingredients in birchbark vases or hollow stumps.” Add style by setting out big candy scoops and monogram-stamped brown paper bags to fill with goodies, and then let guests pick and choose their personal mix.

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