Wedding Cakes: Top Tier

Seattle is a town that takes its food seriously, flush with farmers-market-going, seasonal-faring gourmands.

It comes as little surprise then that our food-fabulous city is home to a number of cake shops that take wedding cake fillings and flavors to the next level, creating confections that taste as delicious as they appear. These talented toques bake with the best of the Northwest’s bountiful ingredients to craft combinations exotic and unusual enough to please any palate. 

(above) Almond Citrine Dream The alluring flavors of the Middle East are the inspiration for this almond-orange blossom beauty, masterfully crafted with perfumed mousseline using water distilled from Seville oranges, lending its heavenly scent to a moist golden almond cake. Handmade gum-paste orange blossom vines wind their way up three glorious, orange-chocolate-wrapped tiers. By New Renaissance Cakes; $8 per slice

(above) To match the intoxication of your love story, this decadent chocolate cake is soaked with ruby port syrup and filled with port wine cherries and praline buttercream for a rich dessert with just the right amount of tart. The square tiers are elgantly modern, accented with red plum blossom branches of chocolate and sugar paste. Romance bursts from every bite. By The People’s Cake; $9.50 per slice

(above) Toasted walnuts are folded into a creamy custard filling flavored with vanilla bean and dried fig for this rich and elegant cake, spiced with Vietnamese cinnamon and freshly grated Grenada nutmeg. Channeling the hues of a freshly cut fig, the three-tier, fondant-covered cake creation is graced with eye-catching metallic gum paste florettes inspired by Chihuly glass. By The Cakewalk Shop; $5.50 per slice

(above) This delightful delicacy features four layers of lavender cake with layers of lemon curd and fresh lemon buttercream made with ingredients from local farms and dairies. Iced with vanilla meringue buttercream and finished with sugar flower blossoms and pearl luster dust. By Baked; $5 to $8 per slice

(above) Pacific Northwest and Asian influences swirl and meld in this exotic cake: This hand-painted decorative design, based on Thailand’s exquisite benjarong jars, is topped with a large fondant lotus. Beyond its curtain of sweet fondant, you’ll find layers of almond sponge cake filled with light kaffir-lime- and lemongrass-infused lemon curd and pink peppercorn white chocolate mousse. By Tallant House; $425

(above) Three layers of spiced apple cake are blanketed with Tahitian vanilla bean crème brûlée topped off with layers of decadent almond butter cake and apricot essence. Sink your teeth into soft morsels of carmelized Washington apples nestled in between. To hint at what’s inside, Crème de la Crème enrobes the cake with ivory fondant decorated in chocolate leaves and gold-kissed apples. You never knew our state fruit could reach such heights. $6.25 per slice



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