Tabletop Tips

Lifestyle and entertaining expert Kelley L. Moore knows that the celebration begins at the table.

Each time you celebrate, it is an opportunity to rejoice in the occasion at hand, but also to take time to honor those who share the milestones with you. A wedding, that special day when friends and family arrive from near and sometimes very far to help you journey into a new chapter of your lives, is perhaps the most deeply meaningful of all gatherings. People you love, from parents to distant cousins, from colleagues to college roommates, are brought together for many hours with one thing in common: you and your betrothed. Together they will sit down, break bread, make toasts, share a dance and, for many, get reacquainted or meet for the first time. So why not make the tables at your wedding reception—the places they will inhabit for most of the party—an introduction to the very thing that brings them together?

Choose a theme and decorate your tables with gifts, stories and mementos that express your shared tastes. This creates conversation starters that will further connect your guests not only to you and your husband but also to one another. Best of all, getting married in the Seattle area doesn’t limit you to cookie-cutter decor. Just about anything for any look is available from creative local rental vendors flush with unique elements to create elegant and polished tables within your budget. Because setting a beautiful—and meaningful—table shouldn’t break the bank.