Summer Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainer Nicole Stuart

A little fitspiration from Kate Hudson at the new Fabletics Mall of America location.

Summer is here and we all know what that means - wedding season! Whether you're preparing for your own big day, rocking a bridesmaid dress or simply celebrating with your friends, we could all use a little fitness inspiration for the months ahead. This is where Kate Hudson comes in. Well, Kate, her new company and her personal trainer, Nicole Stuart.

We've all seen the tantalizing Fabletics commercials (the ones with KH looking gorgeously bronzed and strong while working some of the cutest athletic-wear we've ever seen) and dreamed of getting the same look for ourselves and our closets. Here to help us achieve that dream is the woman behind the look: actress and celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart. I recently got the chance to chat with the fabulous Nicole and she had a lot to say about fitness, Fabletics and battling bridal anxiety.

Stuart's biggest tip for those in a fitness rut is to shake things up! There are so many options for outdoor fitness during the warmer months, she says if you can't bear the thought of hitting the gym move your yoga routine outside or go for a hike. Challenge yourself to alternate two steps walking and two steps running - anything to keep your mind and your body interested. Another aspect of fitness that Nicole spoke passionately about is the mindset of staying active and healthy. Especially during the stress of wedding planning it is important to take a mental break and do something for yourself to stay happy and grounded. Instead of setting out on a crash diet that will make you miserable, commit to making activity a daily routine and let it become part of your lifestyle.

This is getting easier as fitness guidance is becoming more and more accessible. If you're unsure about committing to a full-blown gym membership, why not first try watching some tutorials online or downloading an app? Nicole Stuart has her very own called QE2 which is a quick and easy 10-minute (already loving the sound of this!) fitness program. There are videos and tips to help you along the way, and the biggest focus is moderation plus consistency. I personally love this approach, as it isn't scary or intimidating, and a little goes a long way.

As far as the Fabletics collection, looking great will help you feel great and get excited about exercise. All of the fabrics are specifically engineered for movement and I love the balance between fashion and utility. There are so many great pieces for brides (think post wedding brunch and honeymoon attire) as the styles transition well into everyday wear. Bonus: they have stuff for the guys too! I have to say I am so impressed with how comprehensive the collection is with looks to suit so many different shapes, styles and sizes (including extra long leggings for this tall girl). With fresh items every month and a killer price-point you won't feel guilty about keeping your workout wardrobe updated.