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Describe your jewelry services/store:

Alana has a
continuously changing inventory of unique vintage jewelry purchased
from estate sales and antique dealers around the world.

Which services do you offer?

offer layaway, Wells Fargo Financing, independent appraisals for items
over $1,000 from North American Gemological Laboratory, 10% rewards on
each purchase, diamond upgrade program, repair services, and we buy from
the public.

What is your philosophy towards working with brides?

Our mission is to find you the perfect ring.

Do you design your own jewelry? If so, can a couple come in and design a ring with you?

Yes, we can order mountings and gems from select vendors.

Do you carry both high-end jewelry and costume jewelry?

Yes, we have an extensive collection of jewelry with a variety of gem types in gold and platinum, as well as costume jewelry.

How long does it typically take from the time a ring or piece of jewelry is ordered to the time it is ready to go?

4-6 weeks

Do you offer engraving?


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

an antique or estate engagement ring offers the opportunity to own a
totally unique ring, set with a diamond hand cut during the 19th
century, so that no two are alike.