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What is your capacity for receptions?

400 (250 seated)


What is your price range for plated dinners? For buffet?

Varies – choice of 5 preferred caterers


What is the room rental fee?



Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants? Or do you allow outside caterers?

We require the use of your choice of our 5 preferred caterers


What is your cake-cutting fee?



What time do you close?

2 a.m.


Is there adequate parking available?

Abundant parking in surrounding neighborhood streets and lots


Do you have a PA system?

Yes – 2 PA speakers, mic, and 2 projectors included


Do you have overnight accommodations available?

Many hotels are within walking distance


Do you have ceremony space?

Yes, several options


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We allow self catering of alcohol (huge money saver) as long as it is served by a preferred caterer


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