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What is your style of photography?

The most natural and unobtrusive way to photograph your wedding is to blend into the day’s events and capture the day as a photojournalist would. We let the stories happen. This relaxed approach takes awkwardness and stress out of the equation, and leaves room for pure fun. One of the greatest compliments we often receive is from clients after they pick up their proofs, is how amazed so many unique images were captured without the stress of being ordered around. Time will also be spent with the bride and groom moving around the locations, exploring the most interesting and photogenic landscapes. During this time we will direct the two of you a little to help you achieve the best photos possible.

What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Wedding photography should tell stories. There is nothing more fun then to capture then the couple’s laughter, and the family’s tears of joy. Every couple has a love story to tell and it’s my job to capture those moments as they unfold. From the quite moment shared between the bride and her dad before they walk down the aisle, to the look of the groom as he sees his breathtaking bride for the first time. Your wedding lasts a day, your photos last a lifetime.

What is your price range of services?

Packages start at $1800.

What does this include?

Each package contains coverage, photos posted online, disc of images and a print credit. See website for details.

Do you shoot with an assistant?

Depending on the shoot it is not uncommon for us to bring an assistant to help with equipment, lighting, or occasionally additionally shooting. There is no additional cost to the client for an assistant, or the photos they produce if they are used.

Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire other photographers as well?

Brooks Range Photography is staffed by Master Wedding Photographers. Each has spent years perfecting their craft, and meeting the strict standards of Brooks Range Photography. You can view each of their portfolios on our website. The benefit of multiple photographers is we get to pair you up with the style, and personality that fits your needs.

Do you shoot digitally or with film or both?

100% Digital.

We shoot 100% digital using Canon Professional DLSR systems. It is not uncommon for us to carry around 2-3 cameras during an event to make sure we have the correct lenses, and camera ready to capture the action. We also carry a number of professional grade lenses, and lighting gear to capture your event in any location and in any condition.

After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

Turnaround is 10-14 days.

What are your custom print prices? Are any prints included with the packages?

Prints are available with every package, and additional purchases can be made if the clients would like. The client will also have the copyright to the photos, meaning these are your photos! The clients are not obligated to purchase prints through us. Reprints have been priced accordingly to allow you to order through us and get professional lab quality and achieve the highest quality possible without spending considerable amounts of money. Contact studio for all details.

Special services offered (optional or included):

We don’t charge extra for certain kinds of travel, or for multiple locations. Your wedding is your special day, let me help capture the memories. Weddings last a day, but the photos last forever.