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Catering styles available:

Formal sit down, synchronized service, buffet, family style, heavy hors d’oeuvres, passed

Can your menus be customized to suit the client’s preference?

Yes. Pretty much all menus are constructed this way.

Is taste-testing available?

Yes. We have regular open houses to give us a try in an informal setting. If we seem like a good fit for your event, we can conduct a private tasting.

Do you possess a liquor license?


Bar options available (cash bar, limited bar, open bar):

We have the most unique bar program in the industry. Full bars, signature cocktails, kegged cocktails, bottled cocktails, beer-wine bars, homemade sodas on tap.

Are any complimentary decorative items provided for food tables?

Votives, buffet runners and risers, menus.

Cost per person range:

Generally start at $60 per person.

Do you offer dinner stations?

Yes. We offer dinner stations and we love to do chef-in-station, small-plate stations.

Do you do dessert buffets?

Yes. We also offer a pretty wide range of cake plates for staging dessert buffets.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We rock.