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What is your specialty?

Our primary focus is on contemporary wedding cakes that are thoughtfully crafted specifically for our clients. All our celebration cakes are known for their clean lines and gourmet flavor combinations.

What is your price range (per slice, chocolate, etc)?

$8 per serving and up for custom cakes; average range is $8-$12/serving. Our minimum order for a custom cake is $500. However, our Classic Cakes (smaller cakes for dinner parties, birthdays, etc) can be ordered with 72 hours' notice and the minimum order amount does not apply; these are available in any flavor from our menu and range from $80-$200 per cake.

What flavors do you offer?

We have an extensive cake menu that changes seasonally. Currently, our best-selling cake flavors are: Fiori di Sicilia (delicate citrus-vanilla cake scented with lemon zest and orange blossom water, filled with lemon and wild blueberry mousseline), White Velvet (moist white velvet cake, layered with white chocolate buttercream and vanilla Swiss meringue), and Banana Chocolate Hazelnut (a magnificent banana cake to end all banana cakes, filled with Nutella-laden Swiss meringue buttercream).

Do you have a specialty flavor? Filling? Dessert?

We offer “Petites Desserts” that are bite-sized and personalized for your event. One of our specialty mini desserts is a tiny strawberry shortcake (scratch-baked biscuit, layered with Chantilly cream and fresh organic strawberries), which is always a hit with our clients and packs a lot of flavor into a small portion.

How far in advance should an order be placed?

We encourage clients to book their cake as soon as possible after the event date has been set and the venue has been secured, because our calendar fills up 6-9 months in advance of peak season dates (generally May through October). We can take orders for Classic Cakes with 72 hours' notice, but generally at least a week's notice is advisable for any custom cake, if the date is still available on our calendar.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery within Seattle is $60; Eastside deliveries are $75-$100 depending on exact location. We are happy to make deliveries to further-flung areas, in which case the delivery charge is based on distance to the venue.

How far ahead of time can the desserts be picked up?

Classic Cakes (our smaller range of single-tiered gourmet cakes for special celebrations) can be picked up the day before the event. We always recommend that tiered celebration cakes and custom wedding cakes be delivered on the day of the event by a member of our team, as these cakes require special care and handling to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.

Do you offer any specialty items such as monogramming, etc.?

Yes, we offer custom sugar monogram toppers and monogrammed décor for cakes. Any custom cake that we create at Honey Crumb is a specialty item, in that sense, because it is its own project, unique to the client, and designed thoughtfully around their vision and aesthetic tendencies for the event.

Are we allowed to take leftovers home? If so, do you send a box?

Yes, absolutely! IF you have any leftovers at all, these can be boxed up by your caterer in the bakery box we provide with every custom cake we deliver.

Do you have any rental items?

Yes, we have an extensive range of cake stands and pedestals available for our clients to rent. The joke at the bakery is that our chef collects cake stands with the same enthusiasm as others might collect shoes or sports memorabilia.

Do you do Styrofoam “fake” cakes? If so, what is the cost?

We do offer them, for various reasons. These include: adding height to a design that might not require quite so much real cake, or when a client wants a showpiece wedding cake displayed outdoors during the height of summer (when a real buttercream cake might melt...). Styrofoam cakes generally cost the same as real cakes to decorate, because it is the décor on a custom cake that is the most time consuming aspect. Generally the savings are negligible.

Do you always send a box for the top of the cake?

Yes. We actually recommend that our clients not freeze their top tier for a year, because life is too short to eaten frozen/defrosted cake. (We do provide a box in any case for leftovers and/or for keeping the sugar flowers from their cake.) Our alternative: We waive our $500 minimum order for returning clients ordering an anniversary tier, and instead offer them a 5” round (to serve 6) for a small fee so that they can celebrate their first anniversary with fresh, delicious cake!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

ALL of our cakes, fillings, and frostings are produced from scratch, using premium ingredients that include real local butter and other dairy products, organic fruit preserves and curds, Fair Trade and single-origin chocolate (including Theo and Mast Brothers), Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, and luxurious Swiss-recipe fondant. Any cake on our menu can be made without gluten, dairy, or eggs.