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What is your specialty?

We specialize in exquisitely crafted cakes for all occasions, with a particular focus on contemporary wedding cakes for design-conscious couples. Our designs are known for their clean lines, modern silhouettes, and playful charm. We also create dessert bars, and can accommodate a variety of special dietary requirements.


What is your price range (per slice, chocolate, etc)?

$9-$15+ per serving for custom-designed cakes. Our simpler, pre-designed Classic Cakes can be ordered with one week's notice and are priced at $8/serving.

What flavors do you offer?

We have an extensive cake menu that changes seasonally. Currently, our best-selling cake flavors are: London Fog (Earl Grey cake with bergamot syrup and lavender buttercream); Optimus Lime (lime cake with lime syrup and whipped cream frosting with lime zest and vanilla bean); and Toffee Boysenberry Cassis (brown sugar cake with organic boysenberry and blackcurrant mousseline). We also have a dedicated gluten-free & vegan cake menu, which contains delights like lemon poppy seed cake with strawberry-basil buttercream, among many others.


How far in advance should an order be placed?

We encourage clients to book their wedding or groom's cake as soon as possible after the event date has been set and the venue has been secured, because our calendar fills up 6-9 months in advance of peak season dates (generally May through October). We can take orders for Classic Cakes with one week's notice.


Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery within Seattle is $60; Eastside deliveries are $75-$100 depending on exact location. We are happy to make deliveries further away, in which case the delivery charge is based on distance to the venue.


How far ahead of time can the desserts be picked up?

Classic Cakes (our pre-designed range of simpler cakes) can be picked up the day before the event. We always recommend that tiered celebration cakes and custom wedding cakes be delivered on the day of the event by a member of our team, as these cakes require special care and handling to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition.


Do you offer any specialty items such as monogramming, etc.?

Yes, everything we make is customized to the event and to the couple. We can create sugar monogram toppers and all types of other personalized décor for cakes, designed thoughtfully around the couple's aesthetic preferences.


Are we allowed to take leftovers home? If so, do you send a box?

Yes, absolutely! IF you have any leftovers at all, these can be boxed up by your caterer in the bakery box we provide with every custom cake we deliver.


Do you have any rental items?

Yes, we have an extensive range (read: embarrassingly large hoard) of cake stands and pedestals available for our clients to use. The joke at the bakery is that our chef collects cake stands with the same enthusiasm as others might collect high-fashion shoes or sports memorabilia. For clients ordering a dessert bar, we also offer all the display ware needed to create a beautiful setup.


Do you do Styrofoam “fake” cakes? If so, what is the cost?

We do offer them, with some caveats. We use fake tiers to add height to a design that might not require quite so much real cake, or when a client wants a showpiece wedding cake displayed outdoors during the height of summer (when a real buttercream cake might melt...). The cost to decorate a Styrofoam cake is not negligible (i.e. generally $75-$150 per tier), because it is the handcrafted décor on a custom cake that is the most time-consuming (and thus expensive) aspect. Having said all that, we prefer to make real cakes for real weddings, and save the Styrofoam tiers for editorial work.


Do you always send a box for the top tier of the cake?

Only if the couple wants to save their top tier for a whole year in the freezer. We actually recommend that our clients order a fresh anniversary cake from us instead, because life is too short to eat freezer-burnt cake. For a small fee, we can bake you the same flavor that you enjoyed on your wedding day (or your favorite, if you choose more than one for your wedding cake), and then you can celebrate your first anniversary with fresh, delicious cake!


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We have acquired a reputation for our meringue-based frosting, which is never too sweet and has the silkiest texture. Our fondant is also legendarily thin and tasty. No thick or gummy fondant here! We work extensively with buttercream finishes for those who don't want fondant, but if we do want to play around with unique textures and finishes that only fondant can permit, our clients can be assured that the most common piece of feedback we receive from guests who've eaten our fondant cakes is: "Wow, that was tasty; I didn't even realize it had fondant on it." Another thing to know about Honey Crumb is that we follow established principles in the kitchen to avoid cross-contact with allergens, and are thus proud to offer allergy-friendly cakes and desserts for those clients who require them.