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What is your style of photography?

To get the style I want, I pursue two themes. One, human emotion/meaning/beauty….I want to create THE photographs of you and your wedding….magazine worthy, stunning. Two, I want to capture everything and tell the story through my photographs. My style: connectedness; beauty; intimacy; ‘that’ look; the magic of small things; freezing the best of the big moments, and a body of work that that will tell the story of your wedding beautifully. Your wedding is to be treasured, preserved…as I photograph and develop, I know that…and you will see it in the photographs.


What is your philosophy towards weddings?

Once you choose me, I am committed. I believe wedding photography is very important. A special time that becomes family history. My mission is to capture the important moments of your story – from engagement to the last moments of your reception. I am going for “THE” shots. The photographs that you will love for the rest of your life. THE photo may be the one of you getting ready, or the one of you two crying as you say ‘I Do’. I’m on a mission to capture everything. I find ways to put you in the most beautiful setting and light possible, then I shoot it with skill and judgement. After I have your images, I mine them with extreme care, identifying the very best looks. I bring forward those images, applying the best software and techniques to bring out exceptional color and beauty. The result is very special photographs.


What is your price range of services?

My flat fee is $1250.


What does this include?

Included is all shooting and developing, as well as providing electronic images via the web and DVD. I typically am one of the first to arrive at your wedding. I begin with the getting ready shooting, and shoot until the end of your reception. In the days after your wedding, I take great care and time in custom developing, and retouching, your images - included.


Do you have packages? If so, what do they include?

You choose only what you want, at reasonable prices for everything. I don’t need to up-sell you anything. My pricing is based on getting paid for shooting and developing. What I create is yours to use freely. If you want me to produce prints, a beautiful album, or anything else, I am happy to do so, and you will get great quality at reasonable prices for what you choose.


Do you shoot with an assistant?

I use a few second shooters that I love. You can choose an experienced wedding shooter for $350, or a good apprentice level shooter for $100. I recommend adding a second shooter. My second shooters bring another eye, and coverage, that pays off in a greater variety and depth of photos.


Will you be the one shooting the wedding or do you hire other photographers as well?

I photograph every wedding as the primary shooter. If I bring in a second shooter, we talk in advance, and arrive with a coordinated shooting plan. I develop all the images, so that all of the photos you receive have a consistent high quality and look.


Do you shoot digitally or with film or both?

I shoot digitally. I use a high end professional camera, professional lenses. I shoot in RAW format which gives me great ability to optimize photographs when developing. I custom develop every image that I provide.


After the wedding, how long until the proofs are ready?

I get you many images right away. I know from experience that the sooner I publish images, the more they impact you and your guests. So, I will get you at least 25 images within 4 days (Often more images than that, sooner than that).


What are your custom print prices? Are any prints included with the packages?

I keep my print prices reasonable. 4 x 6’s start at $8. I use professional lab printing with archival materials. Printing is an art. Most photographs need adjustments to print well. And, print photographs inevitably look different from the electronic versions. Therefore, I provide you optimized printed proofs to look at before you order enlargements.


Special services offered (optional or included):

Included in my flat fee: engagement photos; rehearsal coverage; photographs of related events/family/friends; a web gallery; social media delivery; web delivery; DVDs. For an additional fee: additional photographers; video, whether it be short clips or a full wedding film; a high quality wedding album; photo books; prints.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

This is personal for me. I take great pride in my images. I will not let a photograph go out unless I have done what is necessary to make the people in it look great. I only do a limited number of weddings each year – it is important to me that I fully capture the weddings that I do, and take much care in developing, so that the photographs have the high quality look that I want to have. Please take a look at the testimonials on my web site. The couples that choose me are very happy. Gorgeous photographs and a great experience. I am in this because I love it, and you will see that.


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