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What types of items do you sell?:

Knack curates a collection of 1400+ artisanal items from merchants with exceptional stories. Many of our products are hyper-local, handcrafted, or created with a focus on sustainability or philanthropy. Any of these items can be combined on our website for a unique, customized gift set.

Do you have a retail store?

We have a showroom adjacent to our warehouse where we offer in-person gift pick-up. We also invite guests to make an appointment to visit our offices if they would like personal assistance with a gift.

Do you offer the ability to purchase items online?

In fact, we encourage it! KNACKSHOPS.COM lets you browse our pre-curated gift sets for inspiration, then customize until the gift is just right—or, shop our artisan products and combine them to build the perfect gift from scratch.

What is your return policy?

To date, Knack has never had a gift be returned! Our customers are just that great at creating beautiful gifts for their friends and family. However, if for any reason your recipient isn’t completely delighted, please contact us and we will make it right.

Do you offer gift wrapping? Is there a fee?

Knack allows customers to choose from a selection of keepsake containers in multiple sizes, including white magnetic clasp boxes finished with a blue ribbon, elegant glass jars, or playful clear acrylic cans. We pack every gift to look beautiful and provide a memorable “unboxing” experience. There is no fee to pack the gifts but please note that container price will vary based on size and style.

Do you offer any special discounts?

On occasion, we offer special benefits for customers and their friends and family. Please sign up for our newsletter on KNACKSHOPS.COM to stay up-to-date on the latest!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We believe that memorable gifts tell a story. We help you tell your unique story with a “Knackbook,” a personalized booklet that includes your message to the recipient along with stories about the merchants represented in your gift. It’s a thoughtful addition that sets your gift apart and celebrates the relationship you share with your recipient!