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How would you describe what you do?

I get to work with a bunch of really fun people to create a lasting memory for them and the closest people in their lives! I love getting to know each couple that I work with and use that personalized approach throughout all the planning process, logistics and design of their big day.

How long have you been in the business?

Perfectly Posh Events was started in 2010.  Before starting Perfectly Posh Events, I worked in the event and wedding industry for 5 years.

What is your philosophy on a wedding planners role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

Wedding planners should not only be a resource to couples, but they should also get to know the couple personally so they can channel each couple’s unique personality and style into the planning and vendor selection. I am a firm believer in matching up couples with vendors who fit their personality and style – not just their budget!

Do you offer packages? If so, please describe.

Our services tend to be customized to each couple’s needs and wants. I hate confining couples to a “package” so most couples end up mixing & matching from several different packages to create the perfect selections of services just for them!

What is your most popular package? Why?

The most popular services right now fall under our Design + Coordination category. It’s perfect for couples who would like some assistance with the planning and logistics but are also interested in some creative guidance with their wedding design. Usually, couples who book this service want to be involved in the planning & design process, so they work with their wedding planner as a “team”!

How do you charge?

Prices are based on the level of service and complexity of the event.

Are you able to counsel couples on wedding etiquette?

Yes! Almost all of our couples end up having an etiquette question or two during the planning process and I am more than happy to assist them.

Do you offer any other special services?

Our focus is on wedding planning; however we do have some fun “add-ons” such as design assistance, calligraphy, additional event planning and DIY design workshops for couples who are working with us.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Here’s a fun little fact about me: I love wine (especially Washington wine) and buy a nice bottle of wine for each couple who I get to work with, write their name on the bottle and open it after their wedding for a little celebration toast. It’s an awesome tradition that I started about a year ago and now I have a really nice wine collection!

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