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How would you describe what you do?

As wedding and event planners we are in the business of turning dreams into a reality and helping our clients walk through the planning process. Each client is given a clean slate when we begin working with them as we want to incorporate their personal style, hobbies and interests as well as the most important aspects of their wedding that they want included. For some clients that might be the food while others the music. Based on this outline we are able to find a team of vendors that fit best as well as a design which compliments their vision. Our goal is to ensure the wedding connects our client and their loved ones.

How long have you been in the business?

This November 2016 marks 10 Years of business!!! Since 2006 we have been helping our clients turn their dreams into a reality. Whether it is a small seaside ceremony or a surprise fortieth birthday party, we are there to see that every detail is fulfilled. Once in a while we have to pinch ourselves knowing that we are able to spend our days making people’s ideas come to life.

What is your philosophy on a wedding planners role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

Our philosophy in the planning process and our role as a wedding planner is to make sure that whatever our clients want happens. While we can offer tips and suggestions based on our experience we want to make sure your event is uniquely yours! The best compliment we can receive is when a client walks into their wedding and says, “Wow, this is me!” We want your guests to experience “your” wedding or event and not something we’ve envisioned for you.

Of course we do want to elevate your vision just a bit to make it an event to remember! We believe in turning the expected into something unique.

Do you offer packages? If so, please describe.

We offer four distinct packages ranging from the Wedding Week Complete Coordination Package down to the Final Coordination Package. The Wedding Week Complete Coordination Package includes not only complete coordination of your wedding day but a welcome event, welcome bags for all of your guests, rehearsal dinner and a send-off brunch. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Final Coordination Package which is for those couples who have completed all of their wedding plans but realize that they do not want to run the show on the day of their wedding. We step in to finalize everything from calling vendors to check on arrival times to cueing the DJ for the last dance. If none of our packages fit your needs, we will customize one specifically for you.

What is your most popular package? Why?

Besides the Complete Coordination Package, our Final Coordination Kick Start Package tends to be the most popular. This package is for those couples who would like to plan their own wedding but need some initial guidance to get them started and of course someone to run the show on the day of their wedding. This package includes all of the features of the Final Coordination Package along with an initial planning meeting once the venue is secured where we will discuss venue logistics, your wedding budget, vendors, and design ideas in addition to reviewing the wedding planning process. This has been a tremendous value for all clients who have booked this service!

We do however see most often on our wedding surveys post event and feedback after the event that more than not most clients who did not book the Complete Coordination Package wish they would have gone ahead with full planning services from the beginning as they saw the true value of our services.

How do you charge? What are your rates?

Our pricing is based on the package selected as well as any additional services requested. We offer custom services as well.

Do you offer any other special services?

This year we introduced Welcome Gifts by Pink Blossom Events! A longtime favorite service of our Pink Blossom Events clients but now available for all! Using locally sourced products we create a one of a kind welcome gift for your guests attending your wedding, corporate celebration or milestone event. You choose the packaging, products and where you want them delivered and we will handle the rest! Follow us at @pinkblossomeventswelcomegifts or visit for more information.

In addition to weddings, we specialize in corporate celebrations and milestone birthdays.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Our most challenging event came last fall when forty eight hours before a high-profile client was set to walk down the aisle I (BreeAnn) learned their venue had closed. While it is every planners nightmare I knew a solution must be provided before they found out. Blessed with a stellar wedding community I secured a venue two hours later and spent the entire next day mapping out plan B with the new venue and 15+ vendors. With a bit of magic and a lot of hard work their wedding turned out to be one of the best weddings to date and more than we imagined! If there was ever a reason to highlight the importance of hiring a qualified wedding planner, this is the best I’ve seen!