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Which entertainment options do you offer?


DJs, Live Music, Musicians


How many people do you send out on location? Are they all employed through your company?


Usually 1 for a DJ, bands sometimes bring a sound man. Yes Djs and musicians employed through our company either as employees or contractors


What type of attire is worn?


Formal or appropriate attire for whatever suits event.


What are your costs for the services provided?


DJs (1200 – 1800) Live Music (1500 - 8000+)


Do you provide a song list to choose from?


Most are customized with consultation (included in all our our packages)


Is it possible to see the different styles of interaction you offer?


Usually not since most of our events are private


Do your fees include background music during dinner?




Will the performer act as “Master of Ceremonies”?




Is there anything else you'd like us to know?


Lifestyle expert Kelley Moore Recommends DJ Leslie of Seattle Parties!

"I worked with DJ Leslie when I was an event planner, so when planning my own wedding reception, I knew that she would be the perfect fit for us . Her timing is impeccable and she has a sense of when to tone it down or kick it up a notch. She also listens to what her clients are looking for (we wanted a very French filled musical environment) and is able to implement it without you ever having to worry that she isn't keeping your wishes in mind. I would highly recommend her, and am keeping DJ Leslie in mind for all of my future events".