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What is your specialty?

Custom Wedding Cakes & Specialty Desserts

What is your price range (per slice, chocolate, etc)?


What flavors do you offer?

Our Famous Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Banana, Almond, Vanilla, Champagne, Lemon, Red Velvet

Do you have a specialty flavor? Filling? Dessert?

Our Carrot Cake has a cult-like following

How far in advance should an order be placed?

4-6 months to assure availability

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, $65 within Seattle, TBD outside of Seattle

How far ahead of time can the desserts be picked up?

1-2 days

Do you offer any specialty items such as monogramming, etc.?

Nearly all our cakes are custom created for that client, we can really create almost anything. We also have some customization available for our sweet bite desserts, including monograms, colors, etc.

Are we allowed to take leftovers home? If so, do you send a box?

Of course you can! And yes, we will leave a box!

Do you have any rental items?

Yes, we offer cake stands large enough (and sturdy enough) for our larger wedding cakes. We also have great options for the sweet bites as well, they are guaranteed to make the desert bar look incredible!

Do you do Styrofoam “fake” cakes? If so, what is the cost?

We can use Styrofoam teirs to help create the illusion of a larger cake, but there is still the cost associated with the supplies and the time that goes into decorating the display pieces.

Do you always send a box for the top of the cake?

If the couple plans to save the top tier, we are happy to send a box for them!