A Baker’s Dozen: Meet Baker and Florist Butter and Bloom

The new wedding vendor describes her look as "garden glam."
From: Fall/Winter 2014 edition

Flowers and cake go hand in hand in the wedding world, and newcomer Rachel Roth, owner of the Eastside’s Butter and Bloom, does them both. A florist since 2006 and a baker since she could reach the kitchen counter, Roth combined her two talents in early 2013, providing these two core services for weddings and other special events. She defines her style as garden glam, combining classically pretty elements with a dash of vintage sentimentality. Arrangements range from wild and sprawling to demure and petite; a simple, old-fashioned white cake with vanilla buttercream icing is freshened up with a pattern of edible pearls; and a traditional bouquet of roses is rendered new and modern in her capable hands.