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What type/style of flowers do you work with most?  

I work with all types of flowers! The style depends on the personalities and wishes of the bride and groom! Everyone is different and I make sure each wedding describes who they are and what they love most!  

How would you describe your style:  

I am very open to every possibility that is placed before me. If I had to describe my style it would be romantic with a dash of whimsy!  

Are you available to pin corsages and boutonnieres at the site?  

Yes, it gives me a chance to get to know each person in the bridal party!  It also gives me a chance to be part of the excitement of their special day!

Do you do bouquet preservation? If so, what is your cost?

No I leave that to the professionals!

How long have you been working with flowers?  

15 years

Are you available to deliver items from my ceremony to the reception?  


What type of rental items do you have?  

Trellis, Arbor, Pedestals, Glass and Metal Vases, Wrought iron stands, Shepard hooks, Linens, Background Screens, Trees, Lighted Table and Vase Lights!

Are there any extra services you provide?  

I not only design the flowers, I am also a Visual Designer with many years of experience. I try and make each wedding unique by displaying them in a way to make the room visually appealing not only to the guests but in the wedding photos! Its important to me that the bride and groom have the wedding they always dreamed of! The wedding only lasts a short time but the photos live on forever!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?  

I chose this profession because I love doing weddings! I love seeing people in love! I can’t imagine doing anything else!