5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Dos and Don'ts

The months, weeks, days and hours leading up to your wedding are all crucial when it comes to your appearance. From maintaining a healthy diet to applying the right blush before your trip down the aisle, every little thing makes a difference and trying to figure out exactly what you should and shouldn't do can be confusing. While knowing and understanding your body, skin and hair is the first step to making sure you look your absolute best, there are also a few rules-of-thumb that every bride-to-be should keep in mind. These 5 Pre-Wedding Dos and Don'ts will ensure that you avoid those dreaded beauty mishaps and you have wedding photos you'll be proud to look back on forever. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Dos and Donts

(Photography by Jennefer Wilson)

1. DON'T do an extreme cleanse

Taking on an extreme cleanse (like a juice fast) right before your wedding day isn't always the best idea. While you may walk down the aisle a few pounds lighter, you run the risk of feeling hungry and worn-down and your skin may not look its best. Since detoxing naturally rids your body of toxins, many women experience breakouts post-facial and skin can be left feeling dry and looking dull. 

Instead, DO eat a balanced diet

Maintaining a healthy diet in the months leading up to your wedding is a much safer and smarter option. Make sure your meals are filled with beautifying ingredients (start with these two delicious recipes!), aim for 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies every day and take a Multi-Vitamin and/or Biotin to make sure your hair, skin and nails glow. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Dos and Donts

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2. DON'T get a day-of spray tan

While getting a spray tan may seem tempting, it can be a recipe for disaster. Not only do you risk getting a too-dark spray and looking like an oompa-loompa in all of your wedding photos, you could also leave behind yucky, orange residue on your gorgeous gown. 

Instead, DO use a gradual self-tanner

We recommend starting the self-tanning process 2-3 weeks ahead of time and applying a thin layer of tanning lotion or spray every other day. Using gradual products (like these!) will help you achieve a natural bronzed look and avoid the orange-tinted skin we all fear.

Pre Wedding Beauty Dos and Donts

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3. DON'T get a pre-wedding facial

As much as we love facials, getting one days before you walk down the aisle can be detrimental to your skin. Just like cleanses, they extract toxins and have a tendency to leave your skin red and irritated. 

Instead, DO have a night of pampering

Spoil yourself and your bridal party to night filled with all-natural face masks (we love these options!), pampering and relaxation. This is a fun way to make sure your skin is healthy and radiant without going to any extremes-- plus, who doesn't love a Girl's Night In?

Pre-Wedding Beauty Dos and Donts

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4. DON'T try a brand new hair color or style

This one seems obvious but you wouldn't believe how often it happens. Pre-wedding is not the time to finally try out that bold hairstyle or color you've always secretly wanted. If you're unhappy, there may not be time to fix it, so wait until after the honeymoon for any major changes. 

Instead, DO have a fresh cut and color

A week or two before your wedding is the perfect time for that to make sure your color is fresh and the ends of your hair are healthy. To avoid any possible mistakes, visit a hairstylist that you can completely trust and ask her to simply freshen up your look. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Dos and Donts

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5. DON'T drink alcohol

As tempting as it is to celebrate the night before your wedding, try to cut out alcoholic beverages 48-hours beforehand. Not only are the delicious drinks packed-full with unnecessary sugar and calories, they can also dehydrate your skin and leave you looking puffy. No thank you! 

Instead, DO drink water

You've heard about the beauty-benefits of water time and time again but we're here to remind you one more time. Drinking lots of water (at least 5-6 standard-sized water bottles per day) is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health, energy and skin. So, drink up and get glowing!