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What types of services do you offer brides/ bridal parties?

On-site Hair and make-up services, pampering spa services including facials and massage, bonded hair extensions, make-up lessons and beauty parties.

Do you travel on-site to do hair and/or make-up?

Yes. All services we provide are done on-site.

Can you accommodate a whole wedding party the day of the wedding for up-do's and/or make-up?

Yes. Salon Maison has a well-trained team of stylists who are able to accommodate any size wedding party for both hair and make-up.

Which of your services are most popular with brides?

The majority of brides prefer us to do both their hair and make-up. Brides count on us to make recommendations and create their complete special look. It also is a popular, practical and fun gift to give her bridesmaids as a thank you for participating in the wedding.

How long before the wedding do you suggest booking your services?

6 to 12 months prior.

Do you have any "pampering" packages that you offer brides, bridal parties, etc.?

Yes! Salon Maison offers spa parties, massages, facials, aromatherapy foot soaks and many more. We are able to cater a package that is specialized around the bride’s vision of her beauty on her perfect day.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Historically in the bridal beauty industry brides have had to choose between the rigidity of a salon that also has bridal services or the unpredictability of an independent freelance artist. Salon Maison strikes the perfect balance of the high level of quality and service expected from a boutique salon with the pampering personalized touches that only an onsite artist is able to provide. With our more than 20 years of experience making brides beautiful, Salon Maison is distinctly qualified and trusted by more than 300 brides each year.

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