Big Fun: Entertain Your Guests with Giant Jenga

From: Spring/Summer 2015 edition

Each season, an unexpected local trend emerges, and by far the recent runaway hit is Jenga. It’s being used as a guestbook (guests wrote on the individual pieces) and as post-ceremony entertainment, including a supersize version at Diana and Sean Samuelson’s August 31 wedding at The Wayfarer on Whidbey Island.

“We chose to have giant Jenga at our wedding because we have some great memories of fun nights with friends, especially on ski trips, playing Jenga,” says Diana. “It was really fun to see our guests having a blast playing with the giant blocks!” Jenga brings out people’s competitive side, according to venue owner Kelly Russo. “We find that guests just really like having something fun to do; they really get into it.” Never mind the amazing photo opportunities.