Downtown Seattle Engagement Session

These two adorable nearlyweds first crossed paths by chance encounter in a parking lot. A few run-ins later and they decided to finally give it a go. Michael proposed  to Nicole four times (yes, you read that correctly), the first several times with a Ring Pop (seriously, who hasn't pretended one of those tasty jewels was the real thing!?). Luckily she said "yes" every time (patience of a saint, I dare say), because the fourth time he popped the question, he did so with the real thing. These two celebrated their upcoming nuptials with a fun-filled stroll through downtown Seattle and it was all captured by Rebecca Anne Photography.

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From the bride and groom:

How we met:

"Michael was doing physical therapy next door to Nicole's place of business. In a chance encounter, he was "crutching" to his car when she was about to park. After getting into his car and starting to drive away he nearly ran the stop sign trying to check her out. Neither could shake the encounter. A few weeks passed and he returned to her office to make a "sales call" claiming to be there to sell cabinets, when Nicole asked, "Do you drive a red jeep.... with stickers on the back?!" Now it was her turn to blush. It was confirmation for both of them that his visit was not by chance.

Weeks went by of hinting at future plans, checking in for "work" projects, rigging a raffle so they had an excuse to do lunch, and almost-dates before the annual Steamboat Art in the Park gave them the perfect chance to take a stroll and get to know one another. What was supposed to be a walk and lunch turned to gelato, another walk, a drive, a 2 hour chat in the parking lot, and finally a goodbye kiss (yes, she kissed him on the first date!!!)."

The proposal from the groom:

The first time I proposed to Nicole with a Ring Pop, we were in St. Louis at a Cardinals baseball game. I was so nervous I could hardly get the wrapper open. I approached her at a large table filled with my family, got down on one knee, and asked if she would "eat this whole ring (pop)". Blushing, she said, "Yes!!!"

The second time I proposed to Nicole with Ring Pop was under a blue moon on the coast of Oregon. While walking on the beach, I reached in my pocket, unwrapped it, and asked if she would enjoy this ring as much as she enjoyed the last. Hesitantly, she said "yes" and reluctantly took the Ring Pop.

The third time I proposed to Nicole, I took her on a drive through Linx Pass. Little did she know, I had made this drive earlier that day to set up our camp for the night, the same spot we camped on our first camping trip.  After watching the sun go down, I asked again, "If I asked you to marry me would you say yes?" Oddly, she said, "Yes!!!"

The forth and final time I proposed to Nicole was the best. I blindfolded her, helped her into the car and drove literally in circles to confuse her. When we arrived at Fish Creek Falls she was confused, and still blindfolded. When I was given the signal from the photographer I hired, I got down on my knee and told Nicole it was time to remove her blindfold. No candy this time; with the ACTUAL ring in hand I asked if she would make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife. Happily, she said, "Yes!!!" "