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Opulent Winter Garden Inspiration at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel

This stunning styled shoot at the storied Fairmont Olympic Hotel is positively fit for royalty. It proves that a winter wedding, when fitted with all the right details and the perfect venue, can be bursting with as much life as a mid-summer soiree. Lush florals, lots of texture and metallic touches make this grand display feel uniquely intimate. We've poured through these photos over and over and there's a few details that continually draw us in. The first being the impeccably dressed couple. That bridal gown is simply beyond words. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in that work of art!? Second, the stationery. Calligraphy is graciously incorporated, echoing the evening's classic theme at every turn (we have a hunch we'll be seeing a lot more lettering in 2016!). And finally, the dessert display, which rather than hiding in a corner, takes center stage with the "snow-dusted" cake as the focal point. Honestly, we could go on and on, but with inspiration like this, we're doubting you've even read this far into our gushing (*our apologies*).


From B. Jones Photography:

"A garden party is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a winter wedding, especially when the temperatures decline and the evenings arrive earlier and earlier each day, but when you have grand windows bringing light into an ever-green garden anything is possible.

With the Fairmont Olympic's classic architecture providing the perfect backdrop, Becca of B.Jones Photography and Rachel of Manette Gracie Events created an atmosphere of grandeur to compliment not only the space, but the bride's opulent floral Ysa Makino ballgown, bringing out the shimmer and shine of the embellishment to the tables with sequins and luster, candle light and gold. The dessert bar itself glowing with monogrammed cookies to satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth, and a cake that glitters like freshly fallen snow.

The pinnacle of the evening coming when the groom, rivaling any star of the silver screen in his classic tux, adoringly twirls his bride around the dance floor while the flickering candles invite guests to grab a throw, cozy up with their sweetheart and embrace the couple's philosophy: 'I've got my love to keep me warm'."

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