Anna & Matthew

March 28, 2009 in Mount Baker

Anna Evershed didn't mess around when it came to wooing her husband, Matt Horning. “I was definitely the pursuer,” the 28-year-old laughs, recalling how, later, she also had no problem letting him know she was ready to tie the knot. “After eight years I finally gave up. I figured he’d ask me when he’d ask me.” Matt, also 28, may have bided his time, but he picked the just-right moment to propose, dropping to one knee while cross-country skiing with Anna in a picturesque setting in Norway.

So it’s surprising that once back in the States and planning the wedding, Anna, a naturopathic physician, was so overwhelmed by the process that she found herself longing to eschew the big affair. “I never seriously considered it,” she admits, “but making these big decisions and coordinating and sending money—all while I was in school—stressed me out.”

To better organize the process, the Lake City–based couple thought hard about where they wanted to spend the most money, and settled on photography (an irreplaceable memento) and food (Matt is vegan). They chose the Mount Baker Community Club as the venue because it was inexpensive, pretty and allowed them to bring in their own caterer, while photographer Sharlane Chase was a must-have because they loved her work and personality. A quick online search for vegan wedding cakes homed in on Julia’s Restaurant in Wallingford, while City Catering Company was selected to create an almost entirely vegan menu. The food vendors were found just two months before the wedding, and the couple says that while it was stressful to wait so long to find them, it was worth it, as the food was just what they had dreamed of. “City Catering was absolutely amazing,” Anna gushes, describing the attention to detail, the personal attendants assigned to each of them, and the balanced and delicious flavors enjoyed by 125 guests.

Other elements came together with the help of friends: Theresa Holleran, Anna’s mother’s best friend and a woman she and Matt greatly admire, poured her efforts into creating a meaningful ceremony, for which the couple helped each other write their vows. (“We thought about surprising each other with our vows,” Matt says, “but we ultimately needed each other.”) Knitters all, the bridesmaids helped Anna knit gray wool shawls for the wedding party to wear over their aubergine dresses. One bridesmaid set up a small scrapbooking area alongside a rented photo booth; snapshots of guests doubled as wedding favors, while the scrapbook formed a beautiful present for Anna and Matt by evening’s end. Anna serendipitously found the “incredible, amazing, perfect” band while having dinner at The Pink Door in Pike Place Market, while Matt, an electrical engineer, brewed six kinds of commemorative—and aptly named—“Worth-the-Wait Wedding Beer” that had guests raving.

“When it was all over we looked at each other and said, ‘Could it have been any more perfect?’” Anna says. “And we agreed: It couldn’t!”

Beer: Home-brewed by the groom | Bridal gown: Vera Wang dress from Belltown Bride | Bridal jewelry: Studio Porter Jensen | Cake: carrot, chocolate-raspberry and plain chocolate—from Julia’s Restaurant in Wallingford. | Catering: City Catering Company | Flowers: Alexa Johnson at Fiore Blossoms | Tuxedos: Brocklind’s | Invitations: by Jen Rotert at Lavish Design | Music: The Greg Ruby Trio was found at The Pink Door and iPod DJ-ing was by Matt’s brother, Brandon. | Photo booth: Party Booths

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