Ashlyn & Benjamin

A romantic Parisian proposal ends with a gorgeous Seattle wedding
From: Spring/Summer 2013 edition

Ashlyn Jacobsen and Benjamin Pawlak      
Met: Through their younger brothers, who are best friends
Married and celebrated: June 23, 2012, at the First Presbyterian Church and
The Great Hall at Union Station
Honeymooned: Key Largo, Key West and Miami Beach for eight days

By their very nature, most proposal stories are romantic, but the way Queen Anne’s Ashlyn Jacobsen and Benjamin Pawlak got engaged is one for the books. Benjamin, 29, who works for Morgan Stanley, was in Europe for a month studying abroad and had Ashlyn, 25, a relocation specialist for Windermere, fly over for a Paris rendezvous, where the couple rented an apartment with three other couples. One night, each couple went out for separate romantic dinners. After their meal, Ashlyn and Benjamin walked the streets of Paris, watching the sunset on a perfect night. “He told me he wanted to take me to his favorite bridge, the Pont de Alexandre III,” Ashlyn recalls. “When we got there, he started saying very sweet things, which caught my attention because we are usually making fun of one another.” After he proposed, their friends, who were in on the surprise and had been waiting patiently at the other side of the bridge, surprised Ashlyn with Champagne, macarons and congratulations. The two were married at the First Presbyterian Church, accompanied by the jubilant ringing of church bells.

Brent Van Auken