Backyard-Style Rustic Wedding on Lake Wenatchee

The bride and groom under an arbor of lace-like flowers.

This next wedding by Jacquelynn Brynn is everything you’d want out of a backyard-style family gathering and more, much more. A beautiful backdrop with fields of wildflowers, the glistening blue waters of Lake Wenatchee, and those stunning mountain views. Speaking of stunning...that bride looking both classic and effortless and that ceremony backdrop! Swoon. This stylish couple got every detail right, from the casual cool groomsmen attire and the home-brewed beer, to the row of little flower girls in a cloud of tulle. We’re also loving the family style seating and the clever but personal favors. This wedding is filled to the brim with rustic perfection and we could go on about it all day, so we’ll just let you look now…

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From Jacquelynn Brynn:

"It will make for the most beautiful fairytale story one day for their children... Jordan's pursuit of Brittney, the thoughtful engagement video, the engagement session in the pouring rain, and then the most beautiful day woven together with amazing vendors and their own unique talents that crafted a one of a kind celebration!  Jordan courted Brittney at her drive thru coffee job, ordering milk shakes even though he was allergic.  Jordan loves video and proposed through a homemade one of his own. The couple also loves music and travel (They honeymooned island hopping in Bali!) and used their VW camper for the wedding gifts. The couple fully had their hands in planning with Jordan even creating a device that when guests instagram tagged a picture, prints would print.  There aren't enough words for these two. Enjoy this collection of moments... knowing that you had to be there to fully grasp every single thoughtful detail!"

Hair and Makeup
Wedding Coordinator
Toni Eygabroad