Classic Black-Tie Meets Korean Tradition with a Wedding at The Arctic Club

THE COUPLE: Call it one of the perks of the job for Chris Youn, also known as DJ Christyle, who met Jennipher Han, director of The O Institute, through a mutual friend in 2003 while spinning at a Seattle nightclub. Ten blissful years later, in 2013, the longtime sweethearts were, for once, spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home when Chris surprised Jennipher with an intimate proposal.

PERFECT MIX: Rich in history, with its stucco ceilings and stained glass, The Arctic Club’s elegant Northern Lights Dome Room was “love at first site”: The couple blended their classic black-tie affair with Korean traditions by trading in their gown and tux for traditional hanbok wedding attire for a second Korean ceremony, celebrating customs such as the groom giving the bride a piggyback ride as a gesture of strength as well as a promise of his devotion. The reception came alive with a jazz band as guests found their way to dinner tables using bronze keys from London as place cards, symbolizing the key to love and happiness, each tied with a ribbon to a paper tag.


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