Desirée & Kevin

September 21, 2012 at Urban Light Studios in Greenwood/Phinney Ridge
From: Fall/Winter 2013 edition

Desirée Miller and Kevin Helfrick
Met: At a party in Wallingford
Married and celebrated: On September 21, 2012 at Urban Light Studios
in Greenwood/Phinney Ridge
Honeymooned: By spending four days in Shirley, Sooke, British Columbia, at the Fossil Bay Resort

Desirée Miller, a southern California native who works in human resources and is pursuing a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling at Antioch University Seattle (where she also works), and Kevin Helfrick, a nursing student at Shoreline Community College, had their first official date at Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont. Over a couple of stouts and some garlic fries, Kevin, 28, charmed Desirée, 30, with tales of his Alaskan childhood. A few years later, on Kevin’s birthday, Desirée got a present, too, when Kevin proposed to her in their garden that night. As they began their planning process, they recalled their first conversations and decided to dedicate a little piece of their wedding to the wonderful places they have called home. They included seeds from Alaskan forget-me-nots and California poppies to represent their childhood homes, as well as from Pacific Northwest wildflowers to symbolize where they fell in love, in seed-bomb favors, and used dahlias from their backyard as their flowers. Desirée and Kevin have settled in Wallingford and are expecting a baby boy in late July.