An Italian Love Affair: A Bright Wedding at Roche Harbor Resort

Nothing says "sunny" quite like the color yellow. A beautiful day like this at the Roche Harbor Resort certainly called for a brilliant color palette, which was wonderfully executed by Perfectly Posh Events. This classic wedding is the best balance of simple and elegant with a touch of timelessness. The bride and groom hosted a celebratory al fresco affair, bringing two families from across the world together under one impeccably clear Northwest summer sky and it was all captured by Linda Kahle.  If it wasn't for the tell-tale American flags, I just might have thought it was held somewhere along Italian coastline. 

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From the bride:

"Our's is a modern love story. We met online while I was living in Ecuador and he was living in London. I’m American and he’s Italian, so our romance has always been a mix of cultures and languages, new and old world traditions. Our wedding brought all these together – wrapped around delicious, fresh local food as an Italian couldn’t imagine any family gathering without a bountiful table!"

From Linda Kahle Studio:

"Amedeo and his entire family are from Italy. We started documenting the day before the wedding when they invited us to go whale watching (as guests!) with the entire family. During the rehearsal dinner, the Italians learned how to make their first ever "s'more." It was ridiculously adorable as Rebecca went around to everyone, showing them how to properly roast a marshmallow.

On the wedding day,  gifts were exchanged between the bride and groom during the getting ready process and Amedeo presented his bride with a surprise honeymoon in Paris. The day hadn't even started yet and it was already magical!

The rest of the day was filled with Italian men in designer suites, Amedeo's mother handing out handmade Italian confetti (candied almonds) and pure bliss from the couple."

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