Molly & John

Friends and family made this woodland-chic wedding a personal and meaningful affair
From: Spring/Summer 2013 edition

Molly Pringle and John Van Sickle
Met: At a Christmas party hosted by Molly’s aunt in Kansas
Married and celebrated: July 7, 2012 at Sodo Park
Honeymooned: In Hawaii for 12 days

Fourteen years after initially meeting as teenagers, 31-year-old free spirit Molly Pringle, a financial analyst at TD Ameritrade, and 32-year-old John Van Sickle, a VP at private equity firm Sentinel Capital Partners, reunited as adults in New York City when the then Seattle-based Molly was visiting her cousin, a friend of John’s. After the two of them hit if off over dinner and dated long distance for several months, Molly made the cross-country move to the Big Apple. On a trip to California, as the couple was watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, John turned to Molly and said, “You know that five-year plan we were talking about? How ’bout we make it a forever plan?” “You can’t make that stuff up,” Molly laughs. Following John’s proposal, family and friends made important contributed to their woodland-chic Sodo Park wedding. Molly’s stepdad made flower boxes for the centerpieces; her college roommate made their wedding carrot cake; John’s dad painted the image for their program cover; John’s close friend officiated at the ceremony, and Molly’s cousin performed a song. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii and now resides in New York City, friends.

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