Rustic Romance: Wedding in Trout Lake

Christina and Justin marry in Trout Lake

Happy Real Wedding Wednesday! This next wedding, shot by Tonhya Kae Photography, gives off the perfect balance of romantic sophistication and that laid-back rustic vibe; an elegant garden party on a picturesque family ranch. It’s timeless appeal is perfectly captured in every sunny shot with its fluffy white peonies and blush bridesmaid dresses. Don’t even get us started on that awe-inspiring backdrop of grassy fields and snow-capped mountains...

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Sweet words from the bride:

"Love at first sight is what we like to call it. Justin (Brock) and I met at a bar back in 2009, Yes, a bar!!! I really wanted to just relax that evening, but it was my best friends last weekend out before she got married. So I pulled myself together and decided to go out on the town. Justin was out and about with his buddy after a Washington State University football game, celebrating the big win. We just happened to be at the same bar that night and when our eyes met it was “game over”. It was this special moment that was filled with very few words and a chemistry we both never thought was possible. From 2009 until now we have been completely inseparable and spending much of our time traveling, mountain biking, hiking our butts off, and exploring the world together.

On June 5th, 2012 we were on a trip together in Maui, celebrating Justin passing his CFA. It was there, during a romantic dinner overlooking the beach that Justin asked me to marry him. I was over the moon and back that I soon would get to be Mrs. Wood. In fact, when anyone would ask me "Chrissy what are you looking most forward to most about being married", and I would say "Becoming Mrs. Wood". Being a "Wood" to me is an honor. Some of the strongest, and some of the most important people in my life are Wood's, especially Justin's father who had recently passed in March of 2012 prior to us getting married.

Over the course of the year of planning our wedding decided to get married on Justin's family ranch in Trout Lake, WA. Trout Lake is one of those places that is a hidden gem and we so very much call our "home". It is the one place where we can actually sit back and feel free, as well as feel close to Justin's dad. There was no hesitation on where we would plan to get married!! The background and surroundings were worth a million dollars. Our wedding colors were blush pink, gold, and ivory with a rustic spin. We really wanted to make a play on our last name Wood, so we decided to make all the different elements from wood. There were many hours spent wood burning table numbers and making a giant wood cake stand. I honestly felt so blessed to have a handy husband, father, and mother to help me with everything.

Justin and I are incredibly in love. I don't know what we would do without one another. We have had so much thrown our way during our relationship. Our wedding was an incredibly special time, but more importantly everyday that we get to spend with one another is special."

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