Stephanie & Isaac

Stephanie Paolone & Isaac Hannaford, married August 3, 2013
From: Spring/Summer 2014 edition

Ceremony and Reception: Magnuson Park amphitheater and Magnuson Park airplane hangar number 30

After a storybook proposal at the wishing well in front of Snow White’s castle at Disneyland, Wedgwood couple Stephanie Paolone, 32, and Isaac Hannaford, 33, were married in the newly remodeled Magnuson Park airplane hangar number 30 on August 3, 2013, at exactly 4:44 p.m. “Four is my favorite number,” says Stephanie, a first-grade teacher for Seattle Public Schools. “It’s the only number with the same amount of letters as the number and when a digital clock has the same digits, it is considered an auspicious time to make a wish.” The theme of the couple’s wedding was “Happily Ever After,” as a nod to their shared love of all things magical and fantastical. Isaac, a lead concept artist for video game developer Bungie, walked down the aisle to “Someday My Prince Will Come”; centerpieces were replicas of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage; and thousands of hand-punched stars lined the aisles to be wished upon. Isaac and his dad, Dave, created a crescent-moon photo booth for the couple, who had a mini honeymoon at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and on St. Thomas, and are planning a longer honeymoon in Europe—touring all the castles, no doubt.