TLC's Four Weddings Exclusive Interview

The brides sitting on a wall and holding bouquets (L to R) Heather, Jamie, Sara and Harmony.

TLC's Four Weddings is at it again in the Seattle area, with a new episode titled "...And a Porta-Potty" airing Friday, September 5 at 10pm ET/PT. With an influx of Seattle-based episodes (a previous aired on August 22), our curiousity grew. Just how did these brides come to be on this highly entertaining and often ridiculous reality show where they attend and judge each other's weddings for the chance to win an all-inclusive honeymoon? What's it like having strangers play such a big part in your wedding day? And, of course, what are your real thoughts on the other weddings? To feed our ever-growing curiousity we set up exclusive interviews with three of the brides. Who wins the dream honeymoon? Sorry, to find that out you'll have to tune in, along with us, Friday night!

How did you come to be on TLC's Four Weddings? What made you want to audition?

Heather: I saw an ad for the audition on an e-newsletter from I had actually stopped reading the newsletters frequently because it was so bittersweet planning our wedding at the time. I hadn’t seen the show before, but this email newsletter caught my eye because it said that there was a honeymoon. My husband (fiancé at the time) was in the middle of receiving chemo for blood cancer. We didn’t plan on a honeymoon because of the unexpected expenses of care and Kris needed to be healthy enough to travel. So I thought, "Wow! A chance to actually go on a honeymoon when he’s better! – sign me up!"

Harmony: I signed up for the for our wedding website and received email titled "Four Weddings" casting call in Seattle! I thought, "That's too funny, I should just apply." I forgot all about it until I got a call from a producer in New York, and so began the crazy process. The reason behind wanting to audition? Growing up in a small town in Idaho, my girlfriends and I used to watch TLC's "A Wedding Story" and dream of our own weddings. I thought, I have to try for "Four Weddings" in their honor! I also thought, this could be a great story for our grandkids one day.

Jamie: A friend who knew I was getting married sent me a link on Facebook to apply to be on the show, thinking I'd never hear anything back! I thought it would be fun, an experience not everyone gets.

What was the most important aspect for you when planning your wedding knowing it would be judged by strangers?

Heather: For us, the most important part was being surround by our friends and family. Even though the girls and I had just met, we had a moment to share a glimpse into each other’s worlds – and I think I was even MORE worried about judging theirs!

Harmony: I really didn't want the show to shape our wedding or take away from the special day. So honestly, I didn't make any major adjustments or fork out a ton of extra cash for the wedding to impress the other brides. I figured, this is a reality show, I will give them my reality.

Jamie: At first I wanted everything to be extra perfect knowing it was going to be judged, but at the end of the day I stopped caring what the other girls were going to think because it was my wedding and my memories. 

Did being involved with the show distract you from the intimate moments of your big day? Do you feel you were able to take it all in?

Heather: I had no idea what to expect. There were definitely extra cameras there for our day, and we focused on keeping with the schedule because of the show. The moment when Kris and I were exchanging our vows, I didn’t even know there was a world happening around us.

Harmony: Of course I thought about the show on our wedding day here and there, but I felt the producers gave us our space and really focused on the other brides so we could focus on us, our friends and our family. Honestly, it felt like it would have with any videographer you might hire.

Jamie: I actually didn't even notice the show there that day. I was totally immersed in the beauty and love that was my wedding.

What was your most memorable experience from being a guest at the other weddings?

Heather: I loved meeting the other girls' friends and family and seeing the emotions I know we all shared for our own day. You’ll have to watch and see the fun we had with a special guest drink at Harmony’s wedding – the band was great! Sara’s flowers and décor were unbelievably beautiful and Jamie’s food and drinks were tops – her cake was amazing.

Harmony: It was fun to go to a wedding and not have to do any of the planning! Loved that! Most memorable? I would say how kind everyone was to us at each of the weddings. 

Jamie: Definitely meeting the other ladies and seeing what a perfect wedding looked like through their eyes. Everyone has different tastes and that's what makes the world go round. It was a lot of fun.

Are you still in contact with the other contestants? Any new friendships?

Heather: We are all friends on Facebook and it’s been fun to see everyone’s first year of marriage unfold as we share life’s moments along the way.

What was the most memorable aspect of your own wedding?

Heather: No doubt it was in the garden with Kris. With all that life had in store for us right then, to actually be able to have our day, our moment, no matter what was coming our way after – we got to have what we hoped and prayed for. Best moment ever. (Until the Dr. gave the all-clear months later!)

Harmony: I loved it all! From our traditional church ceremony, to our first dance, to the heartwarming speeches, and our live band. Dance party of the year, for sure!

Jamie: I married my best friend surrounded by everyone we love most. It was a beautiful, perfect, fairytale wedding and I wouldn't have changed a single thing.


To see their big days unfold and to find out who wins the dream honeymoon, tune in to TLC Friday, September 5 at 10pm ET/PT!