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Hit Rewind: Unique DIY Place Card Idea

When it came time for registered dietician Lorren Negrin and mobile software engineer Jason Koceja to tie the knot, the couple knew two things for certain: They wanted to commit their lives to each other—and to commit to Lorren’s long-hoped-for 1980s theme. “We agreed on a motto,” says Jason. “If we were going to do it, we had to do it right.” Thus, the “rockous” celebration at the EMP Museum included bright neon decor, a Delorian and the final touch: handmade cassette tape “place cards” for each guest. Created in perfect detail by the groom, each tape included the couple’s wedding graphic on the case cover along with the guest’s name printed alongside a corresponding table number on the spine. Inside the cassette case, the groom also cleverly included program details: “In the ’80s we used to open the jacket to read the lyrics,” he says. “That’s the experience I wanted to re-create, just like going to the music store.”

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