3 Designer Wedding Dresses We Think You'll Love

These wedding dresses by bridal designer Julie Vino will leave you swooning!

It seems the trend these days has the modern day bride searching for less-known, unique and innovative designers to dress them for their wedding day. Brides are no longer searching for the popular “name brands” and rather are hunting down new, young designers on the verge of stardom. One new Israeli designer brides are flocking to is Julie Vino. Sewn by hand in Tel Aviv with fine French laces and Swarovski crystals, Julie Vino’s dresses deliver to brides a couture look that isn’t trendy or cookie cutter. In fact, once her seamstresses run out of the lace for a specific dress design, they immediately discontinue the style. Making her designs even more exclusive and hard to come by, the fact that they are only sold in limited U.S. locations makes us that much more intrigued!


To try on Julie Vino’s dresses contact Lindsay Kenna: bridalinstaglam@gmail.com

Lindsay Kenna is the author of the bridal fashion guide Polyester Is the Devil . For daily bridal inspiration follow her on Instagram at @bridalinstaglam.

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