The Wedding Planner Every Bride Needs

With all the big dreams you have for your wedding day, you might find that coordinating all the little pieces can be a bit too stressful. In the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding, you should be giggling with your girlfriends in the spa, picking out pretty china and spending special moments with your significant other. But the reality is, sometimes planning a wedding doesn't go so smoothly. Enter: the planner. Think a more stylish version than the one from your middle school days, only this time, no parent signatures required.

Online custom invitation company, Purple Trail’s newest venture offers customized planners to fit your exact needs, plus, you can pick from a selection of over 70 sophisticated designs. Match your planner with your wedding colors, add extra sheets for budgeting, or include your own photos and fonts -- there’s plenty of room to get creative. Whether you’re hosting a small wedding in the mountains or a glamorous party downtown, there’s bound to be a million details and dates to remember. Not only can a planner can help you keep track so you can enjoy the months before the big day, but it can later serve as fun keepsake documenting all that hard work.