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5 Seattle Wedding Trends to Watch in 2020

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The experts at Herban Feast are betting you’ll see a lot of these decor and catering trends in the coming months.
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We blinked and the 2019 wedding season is already coming to a close. We look forward to many cozy upcoming fall and winter weddings, but new trends are already coming in strong for 2020!

This year Herban Feast celebrated 10 years of the iconic Seattle venue, Sodo Park, and 20 delicious years of Herban Feast. The years of experience have taught them how to stay on top of ever-changing trends – over time many wedding trends have passed through their venues and off-premises locations' from Chelan to Bellingham. Overall, weddings are becoming more personalized, reflecting themes or activities meaningful to the couple. While family traditions still have an influence, many couples are opting for a more intimate approach to create lasting memories. To do this, couples are breaking the mold and incorporating fresh and fun new trends into their wedding day. Here are the top forecasted trends for 2020:

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1. Acrylic

Acrylic has become the new go-to material for invitations, signage, decor and more! Its versatility allows in-house florist, Herban Design Studio (HDS), to create unique looks for multiple events. One example is an acrylic sign created for Herban Feast's 20-year anniversary party. The sign is an acrylic box that can be filled with floral to match the event. Then an artist paints or uses vinyl cut outs to personalize a custom message onto the outside of the box. The final product is a show-stopping welcome sign or seating chart.

For Sodo Park and other rustic, historic venues, try incorporating acrylic ghost chairs into your wedding. The mix of rustic and modern makes a bold statement. 

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On the catering side, acrylic can be used for food stations called stacked plates. These towers of acrylic are ideal for cocktail hour or late-night snacks. The acrylic allows for light to shine through the display turning the food presentation into a decorative and interactive experience. 

2. Neon

Custom neon signs are growing in popularity and lighting up all kinds of spaces! Neon is another way couples are bringing modern flair into rustic spaces. Whether it is a phrase or the couple’s names, a neon sign makes a great addition to a photo backdrop, or as a statement piece above the head or  sweetheart table. Adding custom floral arrangements around the sign is a fun way to tie in elements of the theme and decor. A “you and me” neon sign recently joined the inventory at HDS for couples interested in adding a pop of neon to their wedding day.

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3. Bold Colors

While muted colors are stunning, 2020 will bring colorful palettes to bright, bold and beautiful weddings both indoors and out. It’s great to see couples having fun with their wedding day and celebrating with lots of color through floral, lighting, and linen choices. 

For designers at HDS, color opens the door for the possibility to create unique floral designs for each client’s wedding day. You can tie together a colorful theme though each element of decor, or let the flowers shine as the pop of color throughout the venue.

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4. Personalized Wedding Menus

The menu should not only compliment your wedding, but also enhance the experience for each guest. Try interactive food stations, incorporating family recipes, or adding an inspired late-night snack to the menu. Of course, a crowd-pleasing favorite is creating custom cocktails named after the couple, or even their pets! 

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At Herban Feast, adding an inspired twist to comfort food has created some all-time favorite recipes. Couples are no longer shying away from incorporating comfort food into their menus, and why should they? Think tray passed chicken & waffles, or lobster corn dogs as a late night snack. 

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5. Non-Traditional Desserts

Donut walls, ice cream sandwiches, candy bars, and even s’mores - non-traditional desserts are growing in popularity! But wedding cakes don’t have to go away completely. Many couples are choosing a smaller, elegantly designed “cutting cake,” but offering a selection of more casual dessert options. The Herban Feast team crafts an array of delicious confections, including their famous homemade ding-dongs – decadent treats that come in a variety of flavors and pair with a shot of milk. 

No matter what is trending in the wedding industry, Herban Feast has the expertise to turn your vision into a reality. From delicious seasonally inspired menus, to beautifully curated floral and decor, each celebration is crafted with a personal touch. Whether you are hosting your event at one of Herban Feast’s award-winning Seattle venues, or at the dream location of your choosing, they will create a meaningful and memorable celebration for you and your guests. 

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