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7 Benefits of Booking a Full-Service Venue for Your Wedding or Reception

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The experts at Meydenbauer Center share why it helps to work with a venue like theirs
Meydenbauer Center

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At the beginning stages of planning your wedding, it’s easy to think of the laundry list at hand. From catering to décor, DJs and lighting, a wedding pulls you in dozens of directions at once. What if there was a way to take care of all those details under one roof? A full-service venue is a great solution to reduce your stress and make your wedding sensational. Finding the perfect full-service venue can be an absolute gift, taking off the pressure and letting you fully enjoy the experience of planning your wedding. Here are some of the major benefits of working with a full-service venue for your wedding or reception.

1. You'll Always Work with an Expert

Weddings are one of the most stressful life events. Planning and executing something this big might not only be daunting, but entirely foreign. A full-service venue often has one primary function: events. This is an enormous advantage and stress-reliever. It’s easy to feel confident about your wedding when you know you’re working with an expert no matter who you’re talking to.

2. Full-Service Venues are Connected

Flowers, food, cake, chairs, tables, linens – the list goes on. How do you even begin tackling the never-ending list for a wedding? Because full-service venues host so many events, they have a robust partner networks for every service. If they can’t do it on their own, they know someone who can, so you can trust that you're working with the pros.

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3. Onsite Catering is a Lifesaver

People talk about two kinds of weddings: fun weddings and weddings with seriously delicious food. Most full-service venues have their own onsite catering, which means you can trust you'll be getting the delicious food experience your guests are craving and lets you focus on the experience. 

4. Less Handholding, Less Stress

Like with catering, having all your service providers under one roof makes planning your wedding easier every step of the way. Rather than rifling through an overflowing list of contacts, you can just make one quick call to your planner and check in on everything you've been working on together. You won't be checking in on dozens of vendors, meaning you can enjoy the experience of getting ready for your big day.  

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5. Your Team is Your Advocate

The experience a full-service venue offers makes it that much harder for things to be missed or overlooked. The people you work with at venues like this have a wealth of professional experience. They’ve seen what it takes for a wedding to be magical and you might even find them asking questions you hadn’t considered at all. Knowing you have an advocate means less strain, fewer errors and more fun for you and your guests.

6. Unexpected Changes are No Problem

Change management is a huge stressor when planning a wedding and a full-service venue takes that stress on for you. When dealing with and managing a complex and diverse schedule of events, flexibility is paramount to success. Full-service venues are well-versed in accommodation. No matter the challenge, having an all-in-one location allows for unexpected change to happen seamlessly.

7. You Share a Common Goal

Perhaps most importantly, the staff at venues like these love weddings, and they want to make your day as magical as they can. Any good full-service venue strives for amazing guest experiences and, in that way, you share a common goal. They want you and your guests to talk about every little detail for as long as possible. When your guests remember your wedding, they'll remember that your venue was good. When you look back on your special day, you'll know your venue was exceptional. 

Meydenbauer Center is a full-service venue in Bellevue. For more information on their wedding planning services, visit

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